About Frontier

Frontier Farm Systems is all about breaking new ground – finding innovations in the Dairy Industry and bringing them to the farm. Frontier Farm Systems are technology driven but also see the potential in any innovative idea that may change the way we farm for the better.

Mark Brown is the core of Frontier Farm Systems. Mark is dairy farming through and through. Born into dairy farming, brought up on a dairy farm and managing the home dairy farm for 6 years has led Mark to be driven by technology as not just an aid for farming but an integral part of the day to day operation.

Frontier Farm Systems seeks to improve every aspect of farming from animal health to genetics to profitability and ultimately helps you build a system that allows you to enjoy more time outside of farming.

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Trial Work

Our experimental nature drives us to explore any opportunity to improve dairy farming. We believe that opening ourselves up to new ideas, new possibilities that we may together forge a new path for the NZ dairy industry ultimately having a greater impact of the global dairy farming.

For the last 8 years with the home farm we have been involved in a mixture of trials with DairyNZ, Waikato Milking Systems, Seales Winslow feeds, Corohawk, Afimilk and Shizu.

If you believe that you have an idea, a product or a process that can break new ground then email us now.

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Our clients

Our clients make our business – their success is our success.

Read more about the great people who bring Frontier to life, their stories and how Frontier Farm Systems have impacted their business.

Having technology is one thing, having the knowledge is powerful but knowing what to do with it is better.

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Technology Partners


At Frontier we like to connect ourselves with like minded companies – companies who also see merit in finding new ways to do things.

Across the globe we are making connections with a variety of industry & technology partners to ensure we are at the leading edge of Dairy Farming.

Check out our industry partners.

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