AfiAct II

AfiAct II  – AfiAct + a whole lot more 

Getting Cows Pregnant – Automatic heat detection and cow welfare monitoring

AfiAct II heat detection system significantly improves fertility performance, increases pregnancy rates, minimizes open days and reduces operation costs; thus saving $100-$150 per cow per lactation. AfiAct II measures additional behavior parameters such as rest time, enabling monitoring various aspects of cow welfare affecting health, fertility and production. AfiAct II unique solution allow managing herds of all sizes (from dozens to thousands cows) at the highest precision and robustness.

The most accurate detection system in the market. Highest heat detection rate at a lowest rate of false alerts. With AfiAct II heat detection is MORE than just activity reading:

  • Considering All behavior aspects
  • Proprietary analysis algorithm – Minimizing false alerts


AfiAct II benefits

  • Frequent data collection and analysis
  • User friendly breeding lists
  • Mobile accessibility (via smartphone or Tablet)
  • Comprehensive fertility analysis reports
  • Long Range Readers – allows flexible tailored configuration & ranges for data collection per local setup
  • AfiAct II management software for comprehensive management of fertility
  • AfiTag II – Long range behavior tags & quick attachment leg bands – per number of animals

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