A new dimension in dairy farming

AfiLab is a real-time analyser of dairy cow milk components, continuously collecting vital data relating to every individual cow at each milking session. Installed at every milking point between the milk meter and milk collection line, AfiLab is in direct communication with the dairy’s computer, collecting vital information about milk composition and enabling decisions in real time. AfiLab daily milk component measurement device enables the dairy farmer to improve milk production through early identification of feeding and health problems.


  • Improved feed versus production efficiency and herd health
  • Milk component data used for monitoring feeding strategies and for early detection of nutrition problems
  • Timely detection of milk composition changes
  • Enables early identification of health problems including negative energy balance, acidosis, low fat syndrome, mastitis
  • Superior quality milk
  • No cost, clean measurement, no reagents additives required.
  • Full automation – milk analysis is performed without human interference
  • Reduced maintenance costs – no moving parts and simplified cleaning procedures
  • Easy to wash – with the standard circulation system
  • Milk component measurement – measures fat, protein and lactose content
  • Detection of Ketosis (milk fever)