AfiLite Milk Meters

Make the job easier, faster and more accurate

AfiFlo is an in-bale digital display board that improves milking operations significantly making the process of milking cows faster, easier and more accurate. AfiFlo provides the milker with real time information about individual animals to make on the spot decisions.


Milk yield measurements

AfiFlo measures milk yields with precision and accuracy. Built to cope with high milk-flow rates, AfiFlo is meticulously checked according to the top standards of ICAR, the International Committee for Animal Recording.

Mastitis detection

AfiFlo, combined with the Afimilk system can detect mastitis at a very early stage. This factor alone makes AfiFlo extremely economical, bringing about a quick return on investment. Milk conductivity, measured in AfiFlo, is used as a tool to detect.

Other measurements

Attachment times, flow rates, milk let down, milking curves and milking times are gathered by AfiFlo and processed by Afimilk herd management software in the computer. This data is extremely helpful in analysing herd health and dairy efficiency.

Health code display, health alerts, and messages

Health codes and other vital information are displayed when the cow is identified. If the cow is assigned a critical code, such as “dry cow”, “antibiotics” or other, an alert warns the milker and milking can be blocked automatically. Milkers can send predefined messages to the computer, to be added to the cow’s database. For example, if a milker notices that the cow is limping, or has a dry quarter, he or she can enter that information into the cow’s database.

Automatic cluster removal

At the end of milking, milking is stopped automatically, at precisely the right time, as the herd manager has defined it. Milkers can tend to other tasks knowing that cluster removal is automatic and accurate. This results in enormous manpower savings in the farm dairy.

Pulsation control

AfiFlo can control pulsation in two manners: the pulsation is at consistent rate throughout the milking, or the pulsation rate varies according to the milk flow rate. This is referred to as Flow Control Pulsation. Both types of pulsation control can be defined as desired by the herd manager. With AfiFlo controlling your pulsators, pulsation is stopped when the cluster is detached, extending the life of pulsators and liners.

Cow retention control

Cow retention on the rotary platform, the afiflo will retain any cows that have an illegal milking (ie: Low milk yield or kick off) also retaining any cows that have alerts for high conductivity(suspected mastitis). Cow retention will only be operated for cows milking across the bridge and only for cows that have alerts