Afi Aftercare

All Afimilk installations are provided with our unique Afi Aftercare program or alternatively bolt Afi Aftercare to your system and let Frontier unleash Afimilk’s true potential. Contact us to discuss Afi Aftercare and how it can make a difference to the integration of technology to your dairy farming operation.

Level 1

One online check per WEEK of up to fifteen minutes.

Only available to clients with a reasonable internet connection at dairy.

Technical checks ONLY, to ensure the system is operating 100%.

To ensure:

  1. All your cows are being ID’d and fed the correct amounts
  2. Your milk meters, scale and pedometers are working properly
  3. Your data is backing up every night
  4. Your feed allocation list is correct
  5. Your groups are correct to optimise your heat detection accuracy.

Level 2

  1. One online visit per MONTH of between 1.5 to 2hrs
  2. Technical checks (as in Level 1)
  3. Management checks
    1. Sick cow detection – including fresh cows and possible mastitis cows.  Ensure the best possible routine is in place that is accurate and suits management.   Change it if necessary
    2. Heat detection - Ensure the system is being used optimally to pick up heats, change the fertility parameters if necessary.
    3. Feed menus – can be changed according to how much pasture you have available or change in concentrates!
    4. Group weights – ensure they are consistent, flag any problems
    5. Parlor monitoring – how efficiently are the cows being milked?
    6. Vet visit – are you using all the short cuts available
    7. Data entry – streamline to make as fast as possible, set up protocols as required.
    8. Expected calving report – pick up any problem cows.
    9. Write any reports requested by client, for example calf vaccination reports.