Ideal Weight Feeding

The Ideal Weight Program is a specialised feeding program that is designed to work with pastured based herds, it concentrates on every single animal in the herd as an individual. With it’s unique formulas and ongoing support from our consultants it can maximise the performance of your herd and increase the return you can receive from your Afimilk system.

The Ideal Weight works on each cows BCS (Body Condition Score) and will monitor this throughout her lactation keeping her on her Ideal Weight curve from Calving until Dry off. Ensuring that at Dry off she is as close to her ideal BCS as she could be. This not only assists with setting her up for the transitional period & her next lactation, it maintains that she is receiving the right energy & maintaining her body condition during her lactation which increases Fertility & Milk Production while decreasing health issues!

It not only benefits milk production & health factors it can increase the farms efficiency with its feeding costs, because it is looking at each animal as an individual it is assessing that she is getting fed the relevant amount of feed according to her own individual milk production, weight curve, physical body size, stage of lactation and a number of other indicators the program uses!


The Ideal Weight Program is Unique to the Afimilk Product Suite and this service is included for the first 18 months of operation with this package.