Any shed, any system, anywhere.

Afimilk can be bolted on to your existing plant or any other milking system.  The beauty of the Afimilk system is that you can invest into it product by product or all at once, it’s up to you. Once you have the software and the pedometers then you can simply add which AFI product/s that you think will benefit your system.  Afimilk will streamline any farm business. Whether it is the entry level product of the full system, Afimilk will improve your system and ultimately increase your farms profitability. In conjunction with Afimilk the cows will wear Pedometers, allowing you to measure cow activity &  Afimilk processes this data to give indications of cow behavior/health and fertility. Pedometers also allows AfiFeed to optimise concentrated feed allocation, per cow, per day, per meal.

Afimilk will allow you to:

  • be more aware of each cows health, performance and genetics
  • feed animals individually improving efficiency and profitability
  • manage production
  • produce health reports
  • detect animals for insemination
  • manage herd genetics
  • improve milking efficiency

1. AfiAct

AfiAct collects and stores a significant amount of data for farmers to review, assess and make decisions on all areas of fertility. AfiAct is superior in accuracy and efficiency to traditional methods such as visual observation or tail-painting. Click here for more. Click here for more.

2. AfiAct II

On top all the capabilities of AfiAct, AfiAct II measures additional behaviour parameters such as rest time, enabling monitoring various aspects of cow welfare affecting health, fertility and production. AfiAct II unique solution allow managing herds of all sizes (from dozens to thousands cows) at the highest precision and robustness. Click here for more.

3. AfiFeed

AfiFeed is an efficient tool for optimizing concentrated feed allocation, increasing milk production per feed consumption ratio of the herd. AfiFeed enables the use of individual feed menus based on different parameters. Click here for more.

4. AfiSort

AfiSort is responsible for tracking, selecting and monitoring animals with-in the herd. Whether it be breeding, pregnancy, post and veterinary treatment for sick cows, AfiSort does the work for you. Click here for more.

5. AfiWeigh

AfiWeigh automatically determines a cow’s body weight and stores it in the Afimilk database. The AfiWeigh system consists of one or multiple weighing platforms installed on the route cows follow when approaching or departing the milking platform. Click here for more.

6. AfiLite Milk Meters

AfiLite Milk Meters is an in-bale digital display board that improves milking operations significantly making the process of milking cows faster, easier and more accurate. AfiLite Milk Meters provides the milker with real time information about individual animals to make on the spot decisions. Click here for more.

7. AfiLab

AfiLab is a real-time analyser of dairy cow milk components. AfiLab is linked to the dairy’s computer, collecting vital information about  individual cows milk composition at every milking, enabling decisions in real time. Click here for more.